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Energy Solutions for Every Need

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Energy as a Service

Organizations are facing complex challenges related to their energy and power systems – from significantly deferred maintenance backlogs to capital constraints, aggressive sustainability targets demanded by their stakeholders, skill and resource gap as an experienced facilities staff retires. All these while navigating the “new normal” defined by the COVID-19 global pandemic and the pressure of an increasing need for resiliency and energy security.

Energy as a Service (EaaS) can help solve these challenges without upfront capital, while mitigating risk and addressing your energy requirements.
Large scale energy consumers are engaging in the process of shifting from a procurement paradigm to long-term partnerships with energy champions, like Eneriv, to set out on a path for turnkey energy management, conservation, upgrades, and clean generation.
Eneriv deep bench of experts allows organizations and campuses to focus on their core competencies and leave energy in the hands of the experts.

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Engineering, Procurement & Installation (EPC)

Eneriv is positioned to lead commercial and Industrial solar, with an in-house team of seasoned solar engineers, project managers, and construction specialists. Their expertise, coupled with the extensive commercial design/build experience of the team, places us with capability for large-scale solar construction in Africa.

We continuously advance our knowledge of the dynamic, developing solar energy field by constantly monitoring trends and products applicable to renewable energy, and bring that expertise to every project we bid, so all of our clients can benefit from solar power. We approach solar power as an integrated component of building and landscape design, not an afterthought but in an integrative manner to engender structural integrity of your buildings and their functional and aesthetic value.Whether we are designing a roof-mounted retrofit, a carport solar system, or ground-mounted trackers, we ensure that our design, engineering, and installation services enhance your facility and support your overall sustainability goals for the project.

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Energy Audit & Efficiency

Techniques for improving energy efficiency at the enterprise level are constantly expanding, from installing LED street and area lighting to the installation of renewable energy equipment. The benefits are real, and the costs do not need to be a barrier.

Eneriv comprehensive energy services specialists can navigate customers through the financing and implementation of customized energy efficiency projects, as well as the operation and maintenance of new equipment, taking advantage  of energy conservation to generate cost savings. Eneriv generates budget-neutral solutions that put the energy-efficient upgrades within financial reach.

Whether it is earning LEED certification for a building or plant’s energy efficiency and / or simply improving the bottom line through cost savings, Eneriv can identify capital projects and operational modifications that can quickly reduce energy consumption and costs. As one of the largest independent energy efficiency companies and energy services providers, Eneriv has the breadth and depth of technical expertise to objectively develop the energy management project that is best for each customer.

These measures and upgrades often include lighting, water, heating, ventilation, cooling, building envelope, smart meters  and controls. We first implement efficiency gains in order to establish a strong baseline for renewable energy generation needs.

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Grid Energy Generation, Storage Minigrids and Microgrids (GEGSMM)

Over the years, renewable energy, clean or “green” energy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility have become primary business concerns, with a measurable impact on consumer and investor interest in all types of businesses. Eneriv takes a budget and enterprise-oriented approach to renewable power that brings real, sustained economic benefit while ensuring environmentally friendly energy infrastructures.

Eneriv provides renewable energy solutions that allow organizations to capitalize on the most current energy technologies available. By coupling innovative financing arrangements with renewable power sources, Eneriv customers benefit from a reliable source of power that offers protection from unstable grid supply and volatile fossil fuel rooted energy markets.

We integrate energy generation sources including; Solar PV, co-gen plants (natural gas, renewable bio fuel) all of which can be paired with microgrid and battery storage technologies to promote resiliency and sustainability.

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Funding Options

Eneriv is strategically and exceptionally positioned to provide financing for any opportunity through our funding Partners – from EPC, to BOT and turnkey EaaS. We have an aggregate of over 120 years of experience with an excellent track record in energy projects across financing models, and technologies implementation and execution.

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Energy Analytics & Supply Management

We develop and execute supply-side strategies that manage price risk and annual costs and simplify procurement. Eneriv supports regulated and deregulated markets to manage energy supply and expenses. We use data analytics to support our energy and supply management solutions. 

Solar (PV) - Diesel Optimizer

The Eneriv Solar (PV) -Diesel Optimizer is a product that integrates Solar (PV) power with diesel generators resulting in less diesel consumption, affordable, cleaner, and more reliable energy. The net result is overall more affordable energy. 

Features and Components:

The optimizer consists of: 

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverter
  • Diesel Generator
  • EP Integrator

This system maximizes Solar (PV) power output while minimizing diesel generator power output consequently reducing diesel consumption.

Energy and Cost Savings

To provide stable power at a relatively lower cost (₦/kWh), Eneriv Solar PV Diesel Optimizer integrates solar PV which significantly reduces the gen load and consequently reduce fuel consumption by over 40%.  

The below charts show the solar, diesel and grid powers contribution in the energy mix and the diesel generator load reduction resulting from introduction of solar power.

Energy as a Service for Telecom Towers

Energy cost is on the rise in Nigeria and grid availability is poor; which is why reduction of energy cost, as well as constant power supply, requires a long-term strategic approach.

Eneriv Power Limited has seamlessly integrated solar power systems and energy storage for various Telecom tower companies. These Telecom towers are required to have a steady power supply for efficient support of network companies’ transceiver systems and we deployed hybrid energy sources to provide power at a lower Levelized cost of energy.

Eneriv Towerco:

Well-designed PV monocrystalline high-efficiency panels with concentrates over 30% more solar energy than an average panel, Lithium-ion Batteries LiFePO4 for storage of excess energy, Hybrid Solar Controllers and Battery charger, Remote monitoring and control software for operations support.

With Eneriv’s Energy as a Service (EaaS) deployment, we have been able to:

  • Design and Integrate optimal PV and energy storage (Lithium or Redox Flow) Batteries.
  • Deliver reliable and sustainable energy in various Telecom sites
  • Engage Smart and Intelligent Power and Energy management systems to optimize resources.

This service has eliminated the High cost of diesel generator operations, Noise and air pollution by diesel generators, carbon footprint from constant generator’s emission, Site down time due to diesel generator failure amongst others. The productivity and profit margin of the Telecom tower companies has hence increased, improving customer satisfaction and brand reputation.