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Energy Solutions for Every Need

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Commercial and Industry

Industrial and Commercial energy demand in Nigeria is in excess of 10 GW. The energy/power and electricity bill where the power grid is available can be in excess of  $7.5 billion dollars annually in energy costs and creates environmental concerns as it contributes 17% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Today, we  see that industrial and commercial consumers’ energy management is not  solely about cost  but inherently an environmental concern hence profitable and sustainable energy management is strategically executed with this understanding. 

Global sustainability commitments demand organizations to measure and reduce their emissions. It is good business from Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG, and shareholder perspectives for industrial companies to point out energy savings and reductions in their carbon footprints.

Eneriv provides expertise, innovative engineering, and financial options that companies need to reduce energy costs, increase resilience, and address corporate sustainability goals. We have tailored projects with commercial and industrial (C&I) entities who need stable, reliable and affordable power supply  ranging from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, to financial institutions, retail and office buildings, hospitality and food service, and more.

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Eneriv Energy Solutions provides customers top tier energy solutions, with a global depth of experience in energy efficient technologies. At Eneriv, partnership and relationships are the foundation of our business, working with Eneriv assures you that our services transcends sales. We understand that the only way we grow is by helping you grow, so we take the time to listen, to understand your residential energy needs and to recommend optimal cost saving, energy efficient solutions that really fit and really work! 

Our service and support team’s high level of technical expertise ensures that you won’t be oversold or undersold. You shall get the best services at a nicely affordable price. Our dedication to our clients ensures that each customer receives a reliable, system and cost-saving energy solution every time. When you contact Eneriv, one of our industry certified Energy Consultants (EC) will coordinate a personal visit and an energy audit of your facility. Your Energy Consultant will gather the required information to develop a custom residential Solar Energy proposal.

As more people work from home,  sustainable and affordable home power supply has become synonymous with productivity and even earning power more than ever. Eneriv residential solar solutions meet this need.  

Your solution will include an optimal solar design for your home to give you the best energy offset given your location and historical electric usage. We will present you with an aerial image of your home with the solar system installed so you can see what it will look like. Most importantly, we will provide you with an actual energy savings report so you know how much you can expect to save!

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Colleges and Universities

Eneriv provides campus energy sustainability solutions with extensive experience in energy monitoring, carbon reporting and compliance and renewable energy system development at public and private colleges and universities. From a deep energy retrofit in a single building to on-site solar power generation systems, Eneriv offers the expertise, innovative engineering and financial solutions that colleges and universities need to develop and implement campus sustainability plans.

Eneriv provides a full suite of energy monitoring and capital planning digital solutions backed by analysis from our in-house team of energy engineers. Colleges and universities can use the full suite for end-to-end energy auditing, benchmarking and reporting, or mix and match the modules to meet specific needs.

Campus sustainability is enhanced with deep energy retrofits that reduce energy consumption by 30% or more. Eneriv has deep experience retrofitting windows, energy management systems, electrical systems, water systems, pools and science labs, with equal commitments to energy conservation, functionality and the comfort of occupants.

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Health Care Facilities

Eneriv can improve healthcare facility management by retrofitting existing healthcare facilities for greater efficiency, or by developing a comprehensive energy management system utilizing renewable energy sources. Hospital energy savings from Eneriv projects provide average 30% savings annually, this can otherwise  be used for facility upgrades, new equipment or additional staff.

We can own, maintain and operate hospital energy generation systems, and then sell back power and steam, by freeing healthcare facilities from the costs and risks associated with energy generation. We can also develop a phased implementation plan that guarantees energy flow to critical hospital systems.

Our Energy as A Service (EaaS) model allows you to make a variety of critically needed infrastructure improvements with guaranteed energy savings